May 31, 2023
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Find your country and
choose your supply to
get your ROVER R-1

The release of the ROVER R-1 has been a total success. We love the reception you guys had and all the love you’ve sent us!

And since we ran out of stock and we won’t be selling the units for the next couple of weeks, we decided to give you a list of supplies where you can get your MUSOTOKU battery pack.

During the next couple of weeks we won’t have any stock in our online shop; but that doesn’t mean you cannot get your ROVER R-1 battery pack for tattoo. And we have something useful you’ll like.

We have made a list of our official tattoo supplies where you can get the MUSOTOKU battery pack for tattoo. Simply put: find your country on the list and choose the tattoo supply you prefer!

And remember: if you are wondering whether to choose the ROVER R-1 RCA model or the ROVER R-1 3.5mm (special for Cheyenne tattoo machines), you can learn more about them by clicking on them!