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First things first
The meaning of
machine coil

MUSOTOKU is an ancient Japanese word that means “gain is not my driver”.

The urge to do generous work without worrying about what the profit will be is the essence of MUSOTOKU meaning. When you are immersed into that state of absolute creation you feel limitless and everything flows.

arm tattoo in color
Our story
Chapter. 1
The beginning

When I was a little boy of 6 I was sent to my first summer camp, and some days before my father gave me his flashlight and taught me how to fix it, because those flashlights from the 80’s would fail continuously.

In the summer camp I was the smallest of all and also the only that knew how to fix flashlights, so I became the official technician of the summer camp and I fixed the flashlight to everyone. I felt the happiest 6 year old boy on the Earth, I had found my vocation, a mission to accomplish in life. Since then I knew that I wanted to be an inventor, to have a factory and to fix things. And somehow I made it true. I have worked as an engineer at the most incredible companies involved in projects for airplanes, high speed trains and satellites. But in some sense my dream was not complete.

My childhood hero was Data, the inventor boy from the movie The Goonies, and I needed to build a factory if I wanted to be like Data.

It was 2014, and I had started a new project in my home workshop. After work, I would get locked there for hours with the sole purpose of building the best power supply ever. MUSOTOKU was being born, but I didn’t knew yet. I hadn’t a specific target for that project, I was doing it for the simple pleasure of doing what I loved since I was a child.

After one year of daily work I get it finished and I love it. I showed it to close friends and serendipity flourish because two my friends that work in tattoo parlours suggest to make a few changes to be used by tattoo artists. “Believe me, they will like it” – said Hector my friend. I spent the following weeks in tattoo parlours making tests and talking to artists. I was exhilarated.

Chapter. 2
The debut

The dream was just selling one.

It was Friday, October 2nd of 2015, and I was at the International Tattoo Convention of Barcelona sharing a little corner inside a booth together with Coko Fernandez, a reputable coil machine builder. Some weeks earlier I had met to the legendary Mao, tattoo pioneer in Spain and machine builder also. In that meeting I introduced him to the first MUSOTOKU Power Supply, and he felt in love at once – “You are going to sell a lot of this little beasts” he said grinning. My eyes were wide open, I couldn’t believe my luck. At the moment I was working for Siemens, I was the head of a R&D department and my job was to travel from Germany to the UK making presentations to fund projects, and rejection was the norm. I wasn’t used to a home run in the first minute.

Mao proposed to me going to the Barcelona tattoo convention and see if the product resonated with the artists.

My dream was just to sell one, and it was going to happen sooner than I expected. In the first hour a French guy with his girlfriend stopped by the booth and started talking to me about the power supply, he was still a rookie and didn’t to spend too much, but his girlfriend encouraged him to get the best tools and then, magically, he shut up and took his money to buy the first MUSOTOKU. I handed over to him looking into his eyes feeling a funny jolt in my guts, in that moment I knew that I had funded a company: MUSOTOKU.

I kept that first money to me inside a box like a treasure. I have never touched those magic papers that allowed me to believe that I had made it.

Chapter. 3
A dream come true

Now the dream was bigger. I had unblocked the idea of having that dreamt factory with a Rocket Espresso coffee machine to start the mornings very high and build power supplies.

October 2016, now I was at the London Tattoo Convention, the weather was incredibly nice considering it was London, and I was sharing a booth together with Artdriver and Aloetatto, two Spanish companies that were doing really well. Many good things happened for MUSOTOKU in that convention: I met Steve Butcher, that would eventually become a sponsored artists by us, I also met to Gaston, the CEO from FK Irons that was testing himself our power supply with his just released Xion, and I also met to Lou Rubino, the CEO of World-famous Ink, that asked for distribution rights in the US. KillerInk, Barber DTS also became our distributors from that convention, and we also met to Niko Hurtado, that took one of our power supplies to his Black Anchor studio in L.A.

The pieces were fitting and a few months after that glorious convention we rented a nice space inside a Harley Davison motorcycle shop to setup our mini factory.

One year after that first factory setup we moved to an own space with bigger premises.

Occasionally I think that everything is going to be finished and gone, like a summer storm. Intense, beautiful but short. I’m not concerned at all, I know that Data from the Goonies would be very proud of this 6 year old boy that started fixing flashlights and now is running his dream everyday. That’s enough for me.

Great mural light musotoku
Hand painted by a local lettering artist Julian.
FPO letter
"We are fucking-fucking awesome" And we believe that in our heart!
Harley shop
Hosted inside a Harley Davison shop, we started humble but rocking.
Our workshop
How we work

MUSOTOKU® is a tattooing product and accessory manufacturer with a keen focus on long lasting, high performing products.

An artisan process

We make our beautiful products with care and intention. They have been designed by engineers that love what they do, and it has been built in the old way: one by one by hand with patience and attention.

We assembly everything ourselves in our workshop in Madrid. We work with local suppliers for the mechanics, the parts, and the electronics. We know that by doing this we are supporting the local businesses and we are also able to control all our manufacturing processes ourselves.

“We assembly everything ourselves in our workshop in Madrid.”

Our mission
Help you to get better in the shortest time possible.
We proudly made this custom for Will Smith.
machines tool smith
This pic from @alexsorsa made our day.
From our workshop to your studio
Tattooing is a ritual full of meaning, and so we We become friends with many of our customers because we love what we are doing. We respect we love.
Our friend from Bakartinta Bali.
mustoku breakdown
There are 319 components that make up a MUSOTOKU power supply.
All assembled with care.
Our team
Who we are
David the baus

He’s like a happy gorilla when he’s going to conventions or when he’s locked in the laboratory.


Quiet, smart and with a touch of good taste for his numerous skills. He loves bonsais.


Supervisor, fulfilment responsible, and more. She’s perfect.


You will also find him, streaming in a Twitch or as a summer camp leader.


He’s building his rapper career after work.

Artists like you
This is what
they say

I love it so much! Honestly makes me life 10 times easier.

Aaawesome feedback 🙏

Hell yeah! You guys have such beautiful energy and the fact you have this relationship with the industry makes me respect your product so much more!
It feels good knowing you’re passionate and not just doing it for the money! Thank you ?


The best power unit!

Thanks mate! 🙏

In 1 year no problems! And use it every day for a lot of hours


You guys weren’t joking on how well this support works.
Never felt a cleaner current than I did today!
Worth every penny.

Thanks mate! 🙏


Excellent power supply! I'm surprised with the size and quality materials.
Keep the good work 👌 thank you to all the team ✌️

Yeah, I will share your words with the team 🙏