Unlimited knowledge
Machete MK-1
Machete MK-1
Machete MK-1
Machete MK-1
Be unlimited
Unlimited power
for tattoo

You have the best job in the world.
And our mission is to help you to get better.

We are designers and builders of tattoo tools. Our purpose is to make the greatest tools ever: Authentic, well-designed, precise.

high rainbow power
high rainbow power
Sometimes you feel blocked,
no progress.

But hey, you are not alone in space…
At MUSOTOKU® we are proud to have helped thousands of artists with our tools.


stuck now?
01. Think
What are your weak points?
Begin just with one.
Set yourself a deadline.
Make a plan.
02. Learn
Dare to try new techniques.
Work in a team, go to conventions, host events and receive guests in your studio. Learning is boosted when you are surrounded by others.
03. Invest
Get the best tools you can buy.
Remember that your tools speak for you, so choose them showing respect for your craft, with the best of the intentions.
04. Repeat!
Yes... You already knew that this game never ends.
Don't worry, you will fall in love with the process.
Gain focus
Get the tools that simplify
your flow state.
machine tattoo
Teo se tatua.
When you are in the flow you feel limitless and everything is easy.
Find consistency
"I thought I was sure that my machine was malfunctioning, but I realized that all I needed was a stable and powerful power supply".
case foam power supply portective case
Good design
Simplicity and essentialism.
Because complex tools don't help but distract.
speakers in ear while tattoo
There are many techniques to draw good lines but all of them start with a stable power supply that doesn't ruin your work.
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Machete MK-1 Power Supply Top View
Power Supply Machete MK-1
350 € 399 $
hard box protective case for power supply
Tattoo Hard Box Protection
16 € 16 $
Pack 20 units
hygienic cover for power supply
Hygienic Covers
16 € 20 $
arm clamp fpr power supply
Clamp Arm
40 € 45 $
magnetic support for power supply
Foldable Magnetic Support
50 € 55 $
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