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Rover R-1 Battery Pack
Rover R-1 Battery Pack
Rover R-1 Battery Pack
Rover R-1 Battery Pack
Rover R-1 Battery Pack

The ROVER R-1 runs on standard replaceable batteries.

Simply put: when you need a recharge, swap in a fresh battery and keep working.

Awesome features
  • Battery
  • Compact
  • Consistent
  • MINI-JACK3.5
  • Nitro
  • RCA
  • Smooth

Experience the power of MUSOTOKU concentrated in a wireless battery for your tattoo machines.
Say goodbye to wasteful battery packs – the ROVER R-1 runs on removable batteries so battery aging won’t be a concern anymore. Upgrade your battery duration and ensure power consistency.
We’ve focused on what matters to you: consistent power regardless of battery percentage, compact size, durable connectors, and our iconic aerospace-grade aluminum design. All with simplicity in mind.
And of course, travel hassle-free with Rover’s removable battery, approved for air travel.


Power level is always maintained at any battery percentage. If there is not enough power available from the battery the ROVER R-1 will stop and inform.

IN 0.1V

Adjust the machine voltage in 0.1V precise steps.
And also Fast UP/DOWN by holding down the buttons.


Compact and lightweight. Built with aluminum.
It’s surprisingly small because ROVER R-1 is at least 20% smaller than other models in the market


Rest assured, your delicate machine is always protected. With over 1,000 continuous checks per second, we ensure safe operation at all times. Trust ROVER R-1 to keep your machine running smoothly.

ROVER R1 Musotoku battery pack rca and minijack
Machine Power Sensor

The power bar indicates how much power your machine is currently demanding in real-time.
This feature can be used to estimate your battery’s duration.
The higher the level shown in the power bar, the faster your battery will drain.
Every machine will have a different power bar level, affecting its battery duration.
Expect a battery duration between 2h and >7h (each Li-ion battery included).
Keep track of your power usage and make informed decisions with our easy-to-use machine sensor.

Replaceable Batteries

Your ROVER R-1 comes equipped with 2 replaceable Li-ion batteries.
While working, you can recharge the spare Li-ion battery, ensuring uninterrupted work.
You can even purchase additional batteries to work all day long by simply swapping them during your tattoo sessions.

These Li-ion batteries are standard (INR 18350-flat), so you can buy from your preferred provider locally or online, you are not tied to buy them from us.



On average, a Li-ion battery can last for 300 to 500 charge cycles. It’s important to note that a charge cycle is counted as one full charge from 0% to 100%, so partial charges or “top-ups” do not count as a full cycle.

With the ROVER R-1 at the end of your Li-ion battery’s life cycle, you can restore the original performance by simply replacing them.
Enjoy its top-notch performance for longer without sacrificing your commitment to the environment.

RCA and

The RCA model features a premium Amphenol connector that’s gold-plated and designed with a spring mechanism that doesn’t lose force over time. Its strength and retention will keep your RCA machine secure.

For those looking for a 3.5mm mini-jack connector, the ROVER R-1 has been specifically designed to work with all Cheyenne machines.
The neck of the ROVER R-1 connector has been carefully designed to fit nicely in the incredible Hawk Pen Unio, and with the legendary Cheyenne Hawk Thunder (all versions).
Finally we added o-rings to the neck to ensure optimal contact with other Cheyenne machines with larger socket entries, such as the Solnova and the Hawk pen.

Trust in our connectors to provide a reliable and secure connection every time.

  • Dimensions
    1.18 x 2.7 in
    30 x 69 mm
  • Weight with battery cell
    2.5 oz
    72 gr
  • Materials
    Aerospace anodized aluminium
  • Output voltage
    adjustable in 0.1V steps
  • Connector
    RCA or
    Mini-jack 3.5mm
  • Battery
    Long-lasting Li-ion 1835 (Flat)
  • Display
    OLED 0.49 inch
  • Colour
    Green/Black or
  • Product name
    Rover R-1
  • Country of origin
Quickstart guide
1 2 3 4 5 6 7
  • 1
    Open/Close the lid
    1. Aling marks
    2. Push down
    3. Turn anti-clockwise while pushing down
  • 2
    Battery insertion

    Negative (-) Up

    Postive (+)  Down

    (*) Use only compatible round 18350 Li-ion batteries (flat)

  • 3
    Display Information

    Output Voltage: Precission voltage readout and displayed by default

    Battery Readout: Bring display battery percentage by holding down center button for 1 sec.

    Machine Power Sensor: The bottom-side bar displays machine perfomance in real time. High values indicate higher demand of power. This value can be used to estimate battery duration.

  • 4
    Adjust Machine Voltage

    Adjust the voltage in 0.1V steps

    Fast up/down by holding the buttons

  • 5

    Turn ON/OFF by holding down the button for 3 sec

    Start/Stop the output by clicking once

  • 6
    RCA / Mini jack

    Available in RCA and Jack 3.5mm connectors.

  • 7
    Charging Batteries

    Charge the batteries with the USB compatible charger

    Respect polarity when charging (see led indicator)

    Remove the battery when the indicator displays end of charge


  • Rover R-1 Battery Pack (RCA or Mini-Jack 3.5)
  • 2x 1835 Li-ion Batteries + case
  • USB compatible External charger for batteries
  • Instructions
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