July 28, 2023
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What battery life
should you expect
Cheyenne machine + ROVER R-1

After receiving a lot of questions about the battery duration of our ROVER R-1 battery pack for Cheyenne tattoo machines, we decided to give light on this topic by analysing the features that affect to the tattooing time with a single charge.


The duration of a full charge depends on three main factors:

  1. Model of machine you use.
  2. Voltage you work with.
  3. Force or intensity applied to the skin when tattooing.

Among these factors, the model of machine you use has the most significant impact on battery life. We’ve observed variations of approximately +/-30% in battery time for the same machine. Let’s focus on some of the most commonly-known Cheyenne tattoo machines.

The Model of Machine you use has the Most Significant Impact on Battery Life


  • Solnova: If you work at a moderate voltage and tattoo softly on the skin, with a light touch, you can get around 7 hours of battery life. However, if you prefer working with higher voltage and apply more force when tattooing, the battery may last around 4 hours before needing to be recharged. It stands out as the most balanced Cheyenne tattoo machine of them all, delivering exceptional performance while maintaining a very moderate power consumption.


  • UNIO Pen: Among all the tattoo machines from Cheyenne, the UNIO Pen is the one that consumes more power. But don’t you worry: this does not mean it’s inferior or less powerful; or the opposite, it doesn’t necessarily mean it is more powerful than others. The UNIO Pen’s feature that makes it unique is the adjustable stroke control that makes it incredibly versatile. But, as a consequence, it is going to need more power.


  • Thunder: This is the well-known long lasting companion of plenty of you. On the other side, the Thunder model consumes the least power and can provide up to an impressive number of 9 hours of continuous tattooing with one single charge.


  • Hawk Pen: Right in the middle of the spectrum, this model consumes a little bit less than the UNIO, and would give extraordinary performance at that very small size. It fits perfectly the ROVER R-1, and people usually say that it is one of the most comfortable combinations: thanks to the light weight of both the ROVER and the Hawk, you will get a pleasant equipment to work with.

Cheyenne tattoo machines are perfect for wireless tattooing because they offer stability, ensuring consistency when the voltage fluctuates. And this teams up perfectly with the MUSOTOKU ROVER R-1 battery pack, because our technology is made to regulate the power delivery when the demand of the tattoo machine fluctuates as well.

battery duration on cheyenne machines

We’ve made a table that you can see below with the battery consumption data for the Cheyenne tattoo machines mentioned above, tested on our laboratory under real conditions.

CHEYENNE Machines battery life duration with MUSOTOKU ROVER R-1 battery pack

Remember, this test in formation may vary based on your specific tattoo style and preferences. As always, if you have any questions or need further information, our team is here to help.