September 9, 2022
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From 50 Amps to 50 years. From 5 power supplies to 5 years. It's a matter of starting.

Marshall came out of the need of their founder to solve some music artist’s problems. They tried to create the most reliable amplifier a musician could play with.

The consistency and smoothness of its sound made it a unique piece. And that is exactly what we tried with the Musotoku regarding some tattoo artists’ opinion.


In 1960, Jim Marshall opened a family run store called “Jim Marshall and Son”. They sold a variety of musical instruments and attracted many young emerging talents, some of them friends of Jerry (his son).

The store quickly got a reputation as the place to be for young rock musicians. Other music stores were more focused on jazz musicians, and Jim saw the opportunity to supply the alternative crowd.


But soon, some started to complaint about not getting the tune they wanted from the amplifiers available. So Jim and Jerry decided to build their own.

Jim focused on the mechanics, while Jerry and Ken Bran (service engineer) looked at an RCA circuit and started experimenting with different components. It had the perfect ingredients for a revolutionary recipe that would change the history of music.

"After all, I have been nicknamed The Father of Loud"
Jim Marshall OBE

And the rest of the story is well-known by plenty of us.

They became a reference, a myth.


In 2015, David Barroso (our founder) created a power supply.

The reason?

He has always loved creating things (related to technology), and so, he needed a powerful unit, with a stunning design that he loved. Once he finished it, he showed his creation to some friends.

Two of them were related to the tattoo field, and encouraged him to adapt it for tattoo machines.

Barcelona Tattoo Convention was the first big spot of this journey. He sold a few and loved the mood, atmosphere and passion for tattoo artists had for their way of loving.

And that is where MUSOTOKU was born. Just as Jim, David found out a need from other people and had the urge to solve a problem they had.

The Musotoku is one of the most powerful stations you can get at this very small price. It delivers 5 Amps of power which will make your machines run smoothly, but solid and consistent, just like the sound of a guitar on a Marshall.

"Every unit is treated personally by our craftsman, resulting in a unique piece of art different to any other"
David, CEO at Musotoku

The bactericidal properties of brass have been observed for centuries. Brass kills bacteria within a few minutes to hours of contact.

The brass is aged with sandblasting and then handburnished until it shows a beautiful platina.