design of the best power supply
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Power Supply Machete MK-1
Power Supply Machete MK-1
Power Supply Machete MK-1
Power Supply Machete MK-1
Power Supply Machete MK-1

5 Amps of power that smoothly responds to the slightest pressure of your needle producing the cleanest voltage.
Designed to be operated on instinct, zero gimmicks.

Awesome features
  • 5A capability
  • Nitro
  • Power Supply
  • Setup memories
  • Smooth

Comes in 2 colours. Black matte / Tactical green.

Choose your machine to connect to MACHETE MK-1.
Dan Kubin

Speed Test

60 70 80 90 100 110 120 130 140 150
Speed (Hz)
Receive a detailed speed report
Download report
Compare 4 of the most popular machines with Musotoku

The next time you wonder what voltage you should use to do lining, shading or color-packing remember to check out this test and get exactly the voltage you need for the speed you want.

Use our online speed tester to see how these 4 tattoo machines perform in all voltages. You will learn in less than 5 seconds the exact response curve of the motor of any of these machines: Bishop Wand, Cheyenne Solnova, FK Irons Xion and Dan Kubin.

Analog Feeling,
Digital Precision

Nothing compares to the sense of control you get with a dial knob. Gently adjust your voltage in 0.1V increments with an audible click, almost ASMR satisfying.

5 Amps of Power

Coil machines demand constant peaks of power to achieve the cleanest lines, and the delicate Brushless Motors need perfect stable voltage so as not to feel fluctuations.

x4 Voltage

Jump between 4 different voltage setups to change speed or to swap your machine. One simple button action, no complications.


Small and Incredibly light (169 gr/ 5.9 oz). Includes Power Adapter good for any country in the World, just the peace of mind you need when traveling.

Pedal or

Work with a pedal or also in continuous mode. And if you prefer the comfort the one-touch mode pedal, you are also covered with us.

Machete MK-1 Power Supply Top View
Get the best tools

A good power supply is the third most important thing you need in your studio. The second is your machine, and the first and foremost is you. You are the artist and everything starts from there. You could easily tell which ink is good for the job, which needle fits better, the right speed for your machine, and even the angle to attack the skin. But besides that you need to be sure that your power supply will be stable, strong, and trustworthy, showing your cleanest lines. You need the best of everything.

power supply musotoku machete mk1 connectors
Special Features
that matter
extac voltage
Top Protection for your machines

Once you plug your machines into the MACHETE-MK1 it is continuously suvervised with health checks: the exact voltage and power that keeps your machine under absolute control.

injecta extra power
An extra injection of power

NITRO® is a configurable feature that adds extra injection of power to your machine during 0.5 seconds just after pressing the pedal. This small pulse will kickstart your machine no matter if speed is very low or your cartridge too hard.

The Fastest pedal response

Our pedal input has been specially designed to be the most responsive you can feel. Superfast, with less than 1 ms lag and with amplified input to read even pedals with dirt in the contacts.

design of the best power supply
  • Dimensions
    4.5 x 2.8 x 0.9 in
    11.6 x 7 x 2.4 cm.
  • Weight
    5.9 oz.
    169 gr.
  • Materials
    Aerospace aluminium, shockpeening hardened.
  • Output voltage
    Output voltage 2V-16V.
    adjustable in 0.1V steps.
  • Memory
    4x Setup memories.
  • Nitro
    Nitro booster pulse for fast start up of machine.
  • Compatibility
    Worldwide compatible.
    110/240 VAC. 50/60 Hz.
  • Pedal modes
    3x Pedal modes:
    normal, maintained, one-touch.
  • No aging
    No electrolytic capacitors.
A++ performance.
  • OLED display
    Crisp and bright.
    Easy to view through bag.
  • Colours
    Black matte.
    Tactical green.
  • Product name
    Machete MK-1.
  • Country of origin
SPEED TEST - Click to run the test
Compare speed of tattoo machines with MUSOTOKU Power supply
Quickstart guide
hotspots musotoku power supply
1 2 3 4 5 6
  • 1

    Press one to move to the next memory preset (4 presets).
    Press and hold for continuous mode operation, and repeat action to stop.

  • 2
    Dial knob

    Adjust voltage in 0.1 steps.
    Push once for accessing the menu.
    Press and hold to pause/restart the stopwatch.

  • 3
    Pedal input

    1. Normal pedal: just press your pedal to run the machine.
    2. Continuous mode: use the pushbutton with no pedal.
    3. One-touch: first set the continuous mode and then use pedal to toggle ON/OFF.

  • 4
    Machine output

    Up to 16V in 0.1 steps.
    5 Amps of Power.
    3 health check protections for your machine.

  • 5
    Power Input

    Works with 19V input.

  • 6
    Rear insert nut

    Use the rear insert nut for attaching support accessories (tripod compatible).
    It is Included a basic support for a permanent setup at the studio.
    See also the stands we designed for your power supply: the Magnetic foldable and the Clamp Arm.

What is
  • MACHETE MK-1  5Amps Power Supply
  • Power Adapter (worldwide compatible)
  • GoPro style sticker universal support
packaging of machete power supply
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I love it so much! Honestly makes me life 10 times easier.

Aaawesome feedback 🙏

Hell yeah! You guys have such beautiful energy and the fact you have this relationship with the industry makes me respect your product so much more!
It feels good knowing you’re passionate and not just doing it for the money! Thank you ?


The best power unit!

Thanks mate! 🙏

In 1 year no problems! And use it every day for a lot of hours


You guys weren’t joking on how well this support works.
Never felt a cleaner current than I did today!
Worth every penny.

Thanks mate! 🙏


Thanks guys making such a Amazing Job! My Machine Works much better! The Power i need YES! will make a video during Tattooing

Bless you Guys

Stay Healthy and Safe

We feel really blessed by your words!

Hell yeah! You guys have such beautiful energy and the fact you have this relationship with the industry makes me respect your product so much more!
It feels good knowing you’re passionate and not just doing it for the money! Thank you ?


Honestly so impressed with the output of this power supply, quality of the build is top notch , and the best part is it’s straight to the point! Perfect power supply you guys 🙌

Love you feedback Corey, thank you very much, I’ll share it with the team


I love it ❤️
Smaller and light
It was my dream
Musotoku is the best in the world i love your story

Thanks for this amazing burst of gratitude!

Thank you so much
Musotoku is the word for every dreamer! It was my dream and I have trying to buy it and when I read the story I said this means everything for everyone! Cant wait to use the power and be unlimited ?

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